Audition Deadline: June 1st | Submit your audition now

Submitting Your Audition & Application

Audition applications must be submitted by June 1, 2019. To see what you need to submit, see the audition requirements. Recordings can be uploaded directly through the form below (if each file is less than 25mb in size) or you can upload them to a cloud based 3rd party file hosting service (like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, YouTube, etc) and copy / paste the links to those files. We recommend using 3rd party services if your recordings were done on smart phones, regardless of which method you choose to apply.

You can submit your audition materials in one of two ways:

Please note: you only need to submit your audition via one method (there’s no need to submit online and via email). 


NOTE: You can submit files in 2 ways - via the uploader below OR by uploading to Dropbox, Google Drive or any 3rd party cloud based file sharing system (just make sure the files you upload to 3rd party service are public so we can access them!) and pasting in the URLs below. Video files (especially those shot on high resolution smart phones) tend to exceed the 25mb file limit that our site can handle. If you have any questions, send us an email at

Optional: Paste the URLs to your audition media files from 3rd party file hosting services (this is only necessary if your files are too large to upload here)